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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Kelakuan Anak Muda Kuwait

by : Dita

Last night we decided to go to Salem Al-Mubarak Street as Aji told us there were somekind of parade to celebrate Kuwait's Independence Day. We didn't want to miss the moment, although that night dust spread around the city. So we prepared krucils' stuffs, our must bring items, camera dan handycam :P, and picked up a taxi in a hurry.

Unfortunately, we came late :(. The parade has just end. Nothing much to see only so many people on the street, mostly young people. They were dancing, singing and yelling on the street. Some young kids were spraying foam to the car (they stopped the car, opened the door and then sprayed the foam inside the car, then closed the door and ran away(??)...gak lucu banget sih!), to the wall and the most annoying thing to the people. After took some pictures, we decided to leave the location, went to Sultan to buy some stuffs.

On the way to Sultan, we met a bunch of young kids (they are not even 17 yo) with the spraying can, they were foam drawing the wall. Papin walked in front of me with Leia in the baby carrier and me with Arwen in her pram. Suddenly one of the kids led the can to me...exactly right to my eyes and then ready to spray. Wo...wo...wo...what the hell are you going to do, young man??!! I tried to closed my eyes and protect Arwen's from him and shouting "NOOO!!!NOO!!" He laughed and sprayed the foam. But fortunately there were no foam left in the can. And he just ran away! Whatta disturbing behaviour! I was so pissed! I have to admit that I really want to grab his hand and shouting out loud the F word! But I realized I wasn't in my country and here in Kuwait it is clear that all non-Kuwaitis are often blamed for any incident. I didn't wanna mess up with the local and then ended up in jail or something. I tried to calm myself down, swallowed my anger, as I remember we are second class citizen here :(.

We bought some snacks and sodas at Sultan and then went home. It was kinda hard to find a taxi due to the event and the closing of some part of the street.

But it was our luck, we found taxi. When I was folding the pram out and put it in the trunk, and Papin and the girls ready to got in the car, another bunch of young people came and wanted to take the taxi (!!), but the driver didn't want to. Hello there!! Don't you see us!! Geezz...such a jerk!! Gile seenak jidat bener! Jelas-jelas kita yang mberhentiin taxinya. Bocah! Bocah!

After talking to some friends here and observing about local young people's attitude, mereka mengamini, terutama kepada Asian expats they have no respect and can not control their behaviour. Sempet juga seorang temen nyeletuk, "anak-anak sini mah kurang ajar, brani sama orang yang lebih tua!" And Aji got his story, when he met a bunch of kids on the street, they shouted at him, "Filipino! Filipino!" *wek salah wek* So rude and so impolite!! Berasa kayak maling gak sih diteriakin gitu. One day, pernah juga Papin dan teman-teman lagi jalan ke Co Op (minimarket) trus diteriakin sama anak-anak tanggung yang lagi duduk-duduk di atas genteng. Gak jelas apa yang diteriakin *soalnya pake bahasa Arab :P*, trus mereka ketawa-ketawa gak jelas.

I'm not trying to generalize here, nor to prejudice against all the local youth have bad attitude...hahah!! Now I'm being naive!!...Well that's me, I know it's just a part of our journey. It happens everywhere. Nice things...bad things...silly things...stupid things...Just don't get us wrong, it's not that living in Kuwait is so suck...no...no...we love being here. That's just another side of Kuwait ;).

Anyway...It would be very pathetic if it's true that there are so many local young people who can not respect others, don't you think is it describing the life of the native? Apa mereka mencontoh dari yang lebih tua? Mungkin memang urusan respect merespect di negeri ini cuman dianggep ecek-ecek, dibiarin aja mengendap, mengeras akhirnya lama-lama jadi kultur mereka...Dunno!...No wonder betapa banyaknya kasus TKW/TKI yang mendapat perlakuan semena-semena. Memang harusnya "respect others" jadi big issue di negeri ini *jiss serius pisan*

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