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Monday, October 01, 2007

Jaber is Seeking for Love

Halo? Apa kabar, sayang? Baik?

His name is Jaber. He is the part of our team in this creative department as a web & flash designer. He is single, age twenty sumthin. He's a local celebrity (kind of).. hahahahaha. You may check his commercial ad in YouTube (he was the striker, but it's a little hard to find him in his small part. No no not the camel!). He is a presenter of a talk show, VJ, DJ and more (more? I think that's all, man)

Actually, the main actor was the camel, man!

Well, anyway. He's looking and seeking for Asian girl, specially Indonesian. That's why he asking me to put his 'CV' in this blog. Interested? Just call his number in.... *OUCH* *HEY!* *WHOA!* ... It seems he doesn't want me to put his number anyway. But you may reach him at his website : http://jaber.tv
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