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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nawala Project Blocks Mark's 248am Blog

Just got report from friends in Indonesia that they no longer can access http://www.248am.com in their BlackBerry. The reason: porn, gambling, malware, racist. As we know, Mark's blog has tons of useful information about anything here in Kuwait. And I know Mark in person, there's no way that he will post such things.

248am.com is being written by Mark, Lebanese who lives in Kuwait for more than 20 years. His blog captures so many things about Kuwait. Even our craft activity has featured in his blog (yay!): IKEA hackers. Yup, craft! Nothing to do with porn or gambling!

There was one touchy post regarding the government's plan to give KD 1000 (US$ 3000) for every Kuwaiti. A Kuwaiti girl is seeking an expensive operation for her underbite defect & I tweeted on Twitter. Friend of mine was curious & clicked the link, this is what he got:


One of 248am.com regular reader comments:

As a Blackberry user, I didn't give a tiny rats a*s when I heard/read about the porn blockage on RIM by the minister of Information. Until now. When I was trying to open the www.248am.com on the BB browser, there appear : unable to open due : porn, gambling, malware. I was like, WTF?!?

I lived too long in Kuwait and still can't get over it. When I miss Kuwait, www.248am.com is the site I used to visit just to see what's happening there. Because Mark, the author really writes what matters the most. I adore his writings and the way he gives out informations. And they're useful for those who are looking for a place to eat, shop, and other important informations for the locals, expatriates or us who are living outside Kuwait.

Hope the minister & his team will fix this silliness soon.

Ismet & Citra, thank you for the report.

248am.com can be opened in Indonesia, use Google DNS. Change DNS settings to and
Thanks, @ted_kho!
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